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Activities at Mensa

So what do we do at Mensa?  Here's a list of past and upcoming activities to give you an idea:


Regular monthly events:

  • Member's dinners
  • Conference dinners with guest speakers
  • Board Games night
  • Star Trek night
  • Downtown member's lunch gathering
  • Pub night

Special events:

  • Live on-set viewing of the "Une heure sur terre" television show and other broadcasts
  • Movies nights
    • Regular screening of popular mainstream movies
    • FantAsia
    • World Film Festival
  • LaRonde fireworks festival
  • Bowling nights
  • Les Jardins Daniel Séguin
  • Blue Lavender Visit (Fitch Bay)
  • Member pool parties / BBQs
  • Art expositions/auctions
  • Museum visits
  • Astronomy/stargazing nights
  • Planetarium visits
  • Christmas and other seasonal dinners
  • Apple picking
  • Concerts and musical events
  • Stones and Beer bike tour
  • Bridge lessons
  • Summer book club
  • Viewing of the Perseides meteor shower
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • University of the Streets Café events
  • Visit to the Lachine Fur Trade national historical site
  • Spelunking in Boischatel
  • Map and compass oritenteering on Mount-Royal
  • Golf outings
  • Road trips
  • Sugaring off parties
  • ...and plenty more where that came from!